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jen finley
-Jennifer Finley
Author of The Gluten Free Abs Weight Loss Program

"If You've Ever Wondered Why the Other Dieting Programs Haven't Been Working For You,
Then Read on to Discover WHY You Can't
Get Rid of That Stubborn Belly Fat!"
The other programs have got it wrong! Just when you thought eating whole grain foods like wheat toast and oatmeal were good for you, guess again! Gluten is the number one cause of unwanted belly fat, low energy levels, and poor absorption of nutrients, and it's found in most of the foods you eat on a daily basis (like bread, oatmeal, some soups, and more!)

1 in 133 people have a gluten intolerance!
Almost everyone has some level of sensitivity to gluten!

Gluten is a protein found in most grains like wheat, barley & rye. This means the bagel you had for breakfast, the bread on your sandwich for lunch and the pasta you had for dinner! All of these common foods contain gluten, and they are all keeping you fat!

If You Want to Lose Weight, You Gotta Remove the Gluten!

You may think that you're already eating healthy, but if you want to speed up that metabolism and trim down your waistline, it all starts with removing gluten. It's the missing key to successful weight loss and the results can be instant!

So how do you easily transition to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle without getting rid of the foods you know and love?


Gluten Free Abs is your COMPLETE fat-loss & nutritional guide designed to get you to the body you've always wanted with increased energy and health levels, simply by removing and replacing the gluten in your diet with healthy alternatives!

Inside, you'll discover...

1. The Gluten Free Abs Nutritional Guide
Going Gluten-Free works! It doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. The +70 pages of The Gluten Free Abs Nutritional Guide is designed to get your feet wet immediately! You'll discover...
Gluten free yes How to identify the fat-causing gluten foods in your diet AND how to remove them once and for all! (Simply removing gluten can yield immediate results!)
yes How to REPLACE Gluten with healthy & tasty alternatives! You're about to discover true, fat-burning foods that make perfect gluten-free alternatives!
yes How to keep eating your favorite foods (like pizza, pie, pasta & more!) without the gluten! Going Gluten-Free does not mean sacrificing the foods you love!
yes Label Reading 101! Stop counting silly calories! Discover how to read a food label in seconds and discover if it will help or hinder your weight loss goals!
yes The Four White Vices! Reveal the four foods that you're eating on a daily basis that are keeping you from losing the weight you want! (Hint: Flour is one of them!)
yes Healthy Food Combinations! Discover how to combine the right food together for the untilmate fat-burning potential!
yes +30 Instant Fat-Blast Tips! Learn my easy-to-implement Fat Blast Tips that you can start using immediately! Everything from what to eat when you wake up to when to workout, and much more!
yes ...and much, much more!!
2. The Gluten Free Abs Meal Plans
Put your weight loss plan on autopilot with your done-for-you Meal Plans! Your entire week is mapped out with exactly what to eat and when! You'll learn...
Gluten free yes How to put your complete Gluten-Free, weight loss plan on autopilot! Your Seven-Day Meal Plan is mapped out just for you!
yes Learn exactly what to eat, how frequently, and when-for the perfect weight loss plan!
yes Discover how to create your very own meals with the Instant-Meall JENerator! Now you can create endless combinations of your favorite foods!
yes ...and much, much more!!
3. The Gluten Free Abs Recipes Guide
Think you have to sacrifice your favorite foods for a gluten-free lifestyle? Guess Again! The Gluten Free Abs Recipes Guide includes +70 delicious (and healthy!) recipes for you to try! You'll discover...
Gluten free yes How to convert +70 of your favorite gluten-filled meals to their healthier gluten-free alternatives! Now you can experience eating pancakes, bread, pizza and pasta without the guilt (or the bloating!)
yes My easy 30-min or less Healthy Meals! You don't have the time to spend hours in the kitchen! Disocver how to whip up easy to make meals in les than 30 minutes withou sacrificing a healthy diet!
yes ...and much, much more!!
4. The Gluten Free Abs Shopping Guide
Feeling lost when you go shopping for food? The Gluten Free Abs Shopping Guide gives you a checklist of exacty what to get (and what NOT to get!) so you only dill your kitchen with healthy, fat-burning foods! You'll discover...
Gluten free yes Exactly what brands and foods to buy and what foods to avoid when shopping at your local super market!
yes Label Reading 101! How to instantly check for gluten or other harmful ingredients that may be keeping you fat!
yes ...and much, much more!!
5. The Gluten Free Abs Dining Out Guide

What about when you eat out? Restaurants want to keep their customers happy! As a result, you're going to expect bigger portion sizes and tons of butter, salt and fat! The Dining Out Guide is designed to help you eat as healthy as possible while you go out for a night on the town!

Gluten free yes Discover exactly which restaurants to avoid at all costs! Almost everything they serve will derail your fat-loss efforts! (and no, I'm not talking fast food!)
yes Discover exactly what to order when going to any of your favorite restaurant to keep you fit and healthy! This includes Mexican, Sushi, Italian and more!
yes ...and much, much more!!
6. The Gluten Free Abs Quick Start DVD
Feeling overwhelmed? Ready to start immediately? The Quick-Start DVD help get your feet wet instantly so you can start to enjoy the benefits of your new gluten-free lifestyle right away!
Gluten free yes Discover exactly what to do right now to go gluten-free and say bye-bye to fat-causing food once and for all!
yes Learn everything about gluten, how to avoid it, and most importantly, how to replace it!
yes Take it a step deeper and learn how to combine your foods properly for compounding your fat-burning efforts!
yes ...and much, much more!!
gluten free abs
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yes The Gluten Free Abs Nutritional Guide
yes The Gluten Free Abs Meal Plans
yes The Gluten Free Abs Recipes Guide
yes The Gluten Free Abs Shopping Guide
yes The Gluten Free Abs Dining Out Guide
yes The Gluten Free Abs Quick Start DVD
P.S. Loosing weight doesn't have to be challenging! Get started today with Gluten Free Abs and start seeing results immediately! To your health! gluten free jen

-Jennifer Finley


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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any new diet or weight loss program, you must take action and make the changes neccessary if you expect to see results.